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Natural approaches to maintaining a healthy heart and preventing heart disease are growing in popularity. However, sifting through the variety of advice on diet, supplements and activity can be a challenge. This section provides evidence-based recommendations from qualified Naturopathic Doctors. Visit often for more information, or look for a naturopathic doctor in your area through Find an ND

Heart Health - A Naturopathic Perspective
Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common causes of death in North America.  For the most part, cardiovascular disease is preventable...
What You Don't Know About Cholesterol
Cholesterol, heart diesease, obesity... everyone is concerned about these scary buzzwords that have permeated doctor's visits for the last few decades...
Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular diseases are chronic, life-long diseases caused by interactions among genetic predisposition, health behaviours, and the environment. The four most common classifications of Cardiovascular disease are...
Heart Health For Women: It's More Important Than You Think
If you ask most women over 40 what they think their biggest health risk would be, most would think of breast cancer...
Quit Smoking
Smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to change.  It involves more than breaking firm habits and strengthening willpower...
Let's Talk About Cholesterol 
I’m sure all of you know at least one person who has been told that they have high cholesterol and they need to be on medication to bring it down...


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