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Quit Smoking
Smoking is an addiction that is very difficult to change.  It involves more than breaking firm habits and strengthening willpower.  Studies show that 90 per cent of smokers who quit relapse within six months.  Many different techniques are available to help smokers quit, from nicotine patches to acupuncture.  Studies have shown that a combination of therapies is by far the most effective approach to smoking cessation. Quitting smoking is paramount to achieving good health.  Even 20 minutes after smoking, blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature return to normal.  Within 24 hours of quitting, chances of a heart attack decrease.  After one month, circulation improves, walking becomes easier, and lung function increases by 30 per cent.  However, it takes 15 years before the risk of heart disease becomes comparable to that of a non-smoker.  This means the sooner a smoker quits, the better!
There are usually many withdrawal symptoms present when smokers quit.  Physical withdrawal is at its height within the first 2 weeks of quitting and this is usually when most quitters relapse.  Some common symptoms people can experience are increased appetite and weight gain.  Other withdrawal symptoms include irritability, impatience, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and restlessness. Naturopathic doctors utilize many modalities to help smokers quit.  Most commonly, they use botanical medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and counselling.  Naturopathic doctors will often prescribe a combination of herbs that work well together and which need to be taken under direction and supervision for the best and safest effect.
Research shows that quitting cold turkey is the most effective approach to prevent relapse.  Naturopathic doctors can help quitters avoid situations where there is the temptation to smoke, praise success for achieving goals, encourage healthy alternatives and be available for when quitters need someone to talk to. Quitting smoking is a daunting task.  So many factors are involved in the process, from the decision to quit all the way to avoiding the temptation to relapse.  It is important to have help from someone who can provide support.  Naturopathic medicine utilizes several techniques to help you through this challenging transformation.
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